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Installation of Braces

In modern dentistry, correction of teeth occlusion is carried out to patients of any age. Specific methods of treatment are chosen individually, taking into account the type of bite, the degree of changes in the dentition, the age, the condition of the teeth and the entire body of the patient, his lifestyle, aesthetic considerations and other aspects. The timing during which treatment is performed also depends on many factors: the chosen method of treatment, the condition of the teeth, the age of the patient, are determined individually.

Stages of bite correction

To correct the bite of the teeth is necessary after a thorough examination of the oral cavity and the whole body, diagnosing the problems of the dentition. Conduct in the shortest possible time with the maximum effect, painless and quality correction of the bite in Kiev can be done in dentistry “Victoria Dent”.

The process of correcting the occlusion takes place in three stages:
•At the first stage, the dental line is prepared for the installation of removable or non-removable structures;
•In the second stage, the bite correction is performed directly by the chosen method;
•The final stage – retention – is necessary for fixing the teeth in the correct position.

Correction of occlusion with braces

One of the most common and effective orthodontic techniques is the correction of the bite by the Braces. Structurally, such a system is an arc, connected by special locks – braces, strengthened on the surface of the teeth. Due to the tension created by the arcs, the teeth are displaced in the necessary direction and fixed.

Today various systems of brackets are successfully used:
•Lingual (installed from the inside of the dentition),
•Self-ligating (providing the most sparing and physiological correction of the teeth).

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