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What is the warranty period?

What is the warranty period?

The term denotes the time for which the performer will eliminate the imperfections discovered by the customer upon completion of the treatment, which is not due to his fault. Examples include:

  • loss of seals;
  • recurrences of caries on the seal-tooth seal;
  • chipped seals;
  • fractures of prostheses;
  • violation of adhesion of veneers;
  • puncture of orthopedic crowns;
  • sealing of seals by bite;
  • color correction.

Terms of Warranty

Terms of Warranty

The clinic undertakes guarantees under the condition that the patient:

  • carrying out professional hygiene of the oral cavity by our clinic doctors once every 6 months;
  • preventive examinations at least 1 time in half a year;
  • compliance with the doctor’s recommendations.

The clinic disclaims a guarantee obligation in the event of such deficiencies and significant disadvantages:

  • structural damage when chewing rough and solid food;
  • injuries and accidents;
  • damage due to falling;
  • bruxism;
  • burdened anamnesis: oncology, HIV infection, diabetes mellitus;
  • failure to complete a comprehensive treatment plan;
  • unsatisfactory oral hygiene: the warranty period is halved.

Terms of guarantee in therapeutic dentistry:

  • Composite vinicles and fillings: Warranty period 1 year.
  • Seals made of glass-cement cement: the warranty period is six months.
  • Trimming: the warranty period is half a year.

Warranty period in orthopedic stomatology:

  • For all types of orthopedic constructions (crowns, removable and non-removable prostheses, bridge prostheses, adhesive structures) the warranty period is 1 year.
  • These indicators are reduced twice when non-compliance with the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity.


Guarantees do not apply:

  • while ignoring the recommendations prescribed by the attending physician;
  • violation of schedules of prophylaxis provided by the plan of treatment (this allows to predict the factors that can negatively affect the result of treatment);
  • with improper performance of oral hygiene procedures;
  • correction of defects in other dental clinics;
  • if, during the warranty period, the patient had diseases, including those in the oral cavity, which could adversely affect the outcome of the treatment.


In these cases, the identified imperfections are corrected at the expense of the customer.


The warranty and work time limits do not apply to procedures such as conducting:

  • Orthodontic treatment.
  • Temporary seals and orthopedic structures.
  • Elimination of diseases of milk teeth.
  • Endodontic procedures.
  • Occupational hygiene measures in the oral cavity.
  • Remedies of periodontal diseases.
  • Whitening
  • Outpatient Surgery.

The clinic guarantees:

  • compliance with medical standards when working with root canals;
  • Implant placement with 97 percent incidence rate;
  • free surgical intervention in rejection of the implant;
  • work with certified titanium implants from leading foreign manufacturers;
  • painless installation of the implant;
  • monitor the implant’s healing process;
  • painless, professional surgical intervention in the removal of the tooth, as well as the free removal of possible complications after.

Cost of orthopedic constructions on implants is not paid by dentistry, and all subsequent installation of prostheses is paid by the patient according to the price list of the clinic.


In diseases of the periodontal disease (gum disease and tissues surrounding the tooth), we guarantee in 80% of cases, following the rules that the doctor has determined:

  • cure for gingivitis;
  • stop the development of diseases of tissues surrounding the teeth;

keeping the patient’s own teeth for as long as possible

Implantation guarantees

Implantation guarantees

Who are the guarantors?

On patients who do not have relative and absolute contraindications only if patients visit preventive examinations after implant placement according to an individual schedule, but not less than once in 1.5 months to the implant doctor.

For whom the implant installation warranties do not apply:

  • On patients who have relative contraindications to the operation of implant placement at the time of the collection of anamnesis, the operation, as well as detected during the visit to preventive examinations, at the moment of rejection of implants;
  • On patients who have absolute contraindications revealed during prophylactic examinations, at the moment of implant rejection;


In the absence of the patient’s absolute and relative contraindications, who, according to the schedule, visit the preventive examinations and conduct occupational hygiene of the oral cavity performing all the recommendations and appointments of the implant-doctor, the clinic guarantees:

  • in case of rejection of the implant, return of 30% of the money from the cost of the implant.
  • Either re-placing the implant with a 30% discount on the cost of the implant and 10% on the operation for its placement (anesthesia, suture material, etc.)
  • All discounts, refunds are made only after consideration by the medical-expert commission on the basis of a personal statement of the patient (within 30 days).

The Commission has the right to request a package of necessary documents on the state of health of the patient in order to clarify the reasons for implant rejection.

Any refusal to provide patient with extracts from the history of the disease, conducting additional analyzes, obtaining consultations and conclusions from doctors of related specialties, necessary for the assessment of the patient’s health, leads to the annulment of the guarantee obligations.

After the end of the 2nd stage of implant treatment (prosthetics on implants) the Patient is obliged:

  • Visit the orthopedic doctor to monitor the design
  • in the 1 st year – 1 time in 3 months;
  • from the 2nd year – 1 time in 4 months.
  • To conduct professional hygiene of the oral cavity at least once in 6 months.
  • If necessary, the appointment of a doctor – more often.

In the case of prosthetics with non-removable structures on a temporary cement, carry out a planned re-titration (price according to the price list) at least once in 8 months.

In case of removal of implants on the implants, the patient is obliged to visit the orthopedist doctor at least once in 6 months in order to control the fixation of the helical elements, determine the need to relocate the prosthesis base, as well as replace the fixing elements (price according to the price list).

When making total designs on implants and on indications, the Patient is obliged to use a disassembling cappoke. To control the use of kappa and in order to determine the date of manufacture of a new kappa, inspection at least 1 time in 4 months.

If you do not observe the schedule of checks, the warranty obligations of the clinics are canceled!


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